Welcome the largest water sports event of the year in Korea

The World Aquatics Championships is the world championship for 6 water sports. These include Swimming, Diving, High Diving, High Water Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Artistic Swimming, and Water Polo. The tournament is run by FINA, and all swimming competitions compete in the 50-meter pool.

The FINA World Championship was first held in 1973 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and is currently held every two years. Historically, from 1978 to 1998, the tournament was held every four years, in even years coinciding with the years when the Summer Olympics were held. From 2001 onwards, the tournament is held every two years, in odd years.

It is clear that FINA is giving priority to cities in Asia to host. Perhaps it is aimed at furthering the movement and class of Asia’s water sports. At the same time, they took advantage of their ardent admiration in this populous continent.

High Diving is unique in that athletes often cannot train in a true environment until the days leading up to the competition. High-jump has been identified by FINA as a sport separate from normal high-jump. Athletes of High Jump have a falling speed of 96 km for hour so they replenish their water with their feet, not with their heads, like a normal jump.

Contrary to the high jump has a bit of a risk, the traditional bridge jumping gives us the feeling of a virtuosity of aerobatic movements. Watching jumping is like watching a science fiction movie!

You usually watch men’s water polo but rarely see women’s water polo. It is also very interesting! Watching female water balloons is like watching action movies of female action stars! Enlightenment, joy and admiration.

Watching swimming at sea like watching Discovery TV channel to explore the world around you! Many beautiful angles about the scenery and the speed break at sea of ‚Äč‚Äčathletes.