Water sport exercise is 15 times more effective on land

Even if you can’t swim, go to the pool near your home to work out regularly. Choosing an area with a water level of about 80 cm to 1m to perform this exercise.

You can start by walking under the pool as fast as possible for 5 minutes, or lift your knee for 3 minutes. Then do the exercises below, each movement done about 3 times, between each break about 15 seconds. This entire exercise should be done regularly about 3 days a week, you will soon have a slim and confident body.

Tập thể dục dưới nước tốt hơn tập trên cạn 15 lần

Step 1: Put your palm on the edge of the pool. Jump up slightly and straighten your arms to lift yourself up as high as possible.

Step 2: Close the elbow close to the body, lowering slowly down until the elbow bends to a 90 degree angle. Do not let your feet touch the bottom of the tank. Keep lifting up and down about 10 to 20 times.

Step 4: Stand with your feet apart, knees bent so that the water is approximately at the shoulders. Tilt your hands in front of your chest.

Step 5: Cross your hands to the sides, palms facing forward. Then, fold your hands down, return to your chest as before and repeat the entire movement about 20 times.

Step 7: Stand with your feet together. Put your hands horizontally parallel to the bottom of the tank, one hand cling to the tank wall to keep balance.

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Step 8: Bend your left knee, try touching your left heel to your butt. Lower left foot, do the same with the right foot. Repeat the motion about 20 times.

Step 9: Stand up straight, legs slightly wider than shoulders. Stand and lower yourself so that your shoulders are underwater. Spread your arms to keep your balance.

Step 10: Jump straight up, arms close to thighs, tighten glutes, straighten legs as far as possible. Then lower yourself back to the original position