Underwater Rugby – Interesting antagonism like a school of fish

Not only must swim and dive, athletes must dispute their opponents underwater.
It is also rugby, but it is special in that it is played underwater. Underwater rugby was born in 1961 in Germany. Under a lake with a depth of 3.5m to 5m, the players will find ways to bring the ball to the end of the opponent’s court.

Instead of using an air ball, the ball is filled with seawater. Each team has 6 players equipped with propellers, ventilation pipes and goggles. This is a very interesting sport because playing this game you will have to exercise all the parts of the body.

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In 1980 the first ever underwater rugby held a world championship. Currently the sport is not only developed in European countries but also spread to Asia. Countries like China and Japan have joined the underwater rugby committee.

Recently, a number of traditional terrestrial sports have been “brought into the water” and become independent sports. Can be mentioned here as underwater soccer, water hockey, underwater rugby.

In Northern European countries, there is a very strong development of obstacle swimming including many movements. These include rising, falling, jumping, diving through obstacles. These new sports will surely continue in the near future.

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In addition, subjects that cannot be taken into the water are also brought to the sand near the sea. To use the miraculous function of the water, the world now has underwater fitness exercises.

The rules of the water polo were originally developed in the late 19th century in Scotland by William Wilson. The first matches were held at the Arlington Swim Club in Glasgow in the late 1800s with a ball made of Indian rubber. This subject is known as water rugby. But it was later transformed into a water polo based on the English pronunciation of the word pulu.