Underwater hockey – Have you tried it yet

Underwater hockey is one of the most ancient sports in the world. According to studies, hockey was played a few decades ago. However, most people who play this sport belong to the aristocracy, showing elegance and for a long time. Ordinary people are almost unaware of the presence of this interesting sport.

The order to start the match begins with the whistle and then the players of both teams will rush into the lake, dive and start to serve the center line of the lake. An underwater hockey game has a great attraction for the participants. That’s as well as the spectators watching the match.

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Hockey is played on many different terrains and the most popular and famous is the image of athletes who both skate and play hockey extremely skillfully. And it is this beautiful image of ice hockey that inspires so many people and thus spreads the sport around the world.

While a form of mixed play between ice hockey and basketball. Both men and women can participate in this subject. They just need to have good endurance to the challenge of holding your breath for a certain period of time underwater.

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To participate in water hockey, athletes need to be good at swimming. He must be able to dive deep and keep a good breath for as long as possible. So besides competing against the goal of the opponent, this is also a swimming match with deep dive and long dive. Whoever has the ability to dive for longer can bring victory to his team.

It is not too long for athletes to move easily and use sticks to hit the opponent’s net. Besides the ability to swim, athletes participating in the match must learn the skill of underwater polishing very precisely. Because of the water power, it can obstruct the way of the bridge. At the same time the demand is quite heavy, so the athlete must be physically fit to fight.