Try playing motor sports on the water

The University of Western Australia and Electro Aero Company have introduced the world’s first sports flying motorcycle. The Waveflyer is like any water motorcycle you’ve ever seen, only it can fly over the water.

From a distance the Waveflyer resembles a ski boot because there is a “sliding blade” on the water while operating and lifting the motorcycle. Builders use propulsion systems like hydrofoils and water sport motorcycles that can lift in more than 30 minutes.

The power source for the motorcycle comes from a li-ion battery pack with a capacity of 2 kwh and can carry two people. Thanks to the new technology, the Waveflyer is considered superior to traditional water motorcycles, because the engine operates smoothly and saves energy. Especially, it does not generate emissions like gasoline-powered water motorcycles.

“The Waveflyer water motorcycle gives the operator the feeling of flying in the air instead of gliding over water. I see great potential for the commercialization of this eco-friendly motorcycle, ”stated Professor of the Waveflyer project, Thomas Brauni said. Electro Aero Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Mr. Joshua Portlock, said the technology will also improve the safety, experience of water sports vehicles.

Sports water motorcycles do not use high-pressure gas to produce thrust, but with a jet drive unit to induce a powerful flow of water. From jet drive, a lot of water in the impeller under the water motor is due to the flow steering pipe spraying onto the water motor.

The rotor rotor is a similar device, installed in the body of the cylindrical channel. The motor adopts the rotatable rotor drive. The curved blade rotates quickly, the controlled flow through a cylindrical duct flow channel and the steering push out.

If you turn on the water pipes, the water sports motorcycle body on the right side is directed to the rear left. This prompted a transition to the right front part of the water motorcycle body. These are the basic principles of water motor work that are described in detail this water transport tool.

There is a trigger on the handle, you can control the throttle, allowing the rider to sport water to accelerate. However, already or accelerating, the throttle is crucial for steering direction. If the steering wheel has no water flow, the sport water motorbike direction cannot be changed.