Swim faster when exercising with the fan table

Working with the fan table will help us increase muscle strength, improve technique and help us swim faster. However, in swimming, we have nothing to increase resistance to help develop arm muscles like stepping to improve leg muscles.

Naturally, a fan table that is larger than your hand creates resistance and forces you to use more force. Imagine you are doing a downhill or downhill training. However, using a fan table also forces you to swim more properly. Especially high elbow technique and correct hand movements when swimming stride.

Usually, beginners to swim will make the mistake of dropping their elbow. Wearing a fan table will force you to work harder to pull water and automatically your hands will enter the form with raised elbows.

For those who have never used a fan table, the fan table exercise also makes the exercise more engaging and helps you progress faster. If you only swim one way, one pace from day to day then you are more likely not to force your body to work hard enough to see progress.

Working with the fan table has many benefits, but not without harm, especially if you don’t have time to get used to the tool. If you work out with the fan table too much and right away, or the fan table is too big for your arms to put a lot of load on your shoulders.

Below is an example of a fan-paddle swim training session they used for Swim Squad. This swim squad brings together many swimmers of different levels, training with the goal of being prepared to participate in tournaments.

More technically, a hand swim cycle consists of four consecutive phases: Catch, pull water, push and recovery (hand return in the air). Another common mistake is that we lift our hands too soon after push to enter recovery phase.