Review the SUP experience slightly underwater

These summer days, it is interesting to have fun on the water, swimming in rivers, lakes or the sea? However, I just turned around, so I only did swimming, I didn’t know what to play? If you want to play water games, you have to go to the water park and you are uncomfortable.

I will introduce to you a brand new water sport that is expected to become a popular trend in the world. Let’s join to review the sub-paddle experience.

SUP is the stand-up paddleboard or paddle board surfboard, born before and the ancestor of modern surfing. It was forgotten for a long time but is now extremely popular with a new look to appeal to players.

SUP can be played on many different types of water surface from small sizes like lakes to vast, large like the sea. The young Europeans who are very active and enjoy water sports are extremely addicted to the sport of SUP.

SUP’s convenience slightly lies in the fact that you can completely stow and carry it anywhere with ease. This SUP is lighter and more compact than a steam boat or kayak, and can easily be used by even children.

Imagine standing in this slightly SUP, floating on the blue water and exploring the beautiful nooks and crannies of the city. Truly a very good experience and worth a try, right?

So, SUP rowing is a bit easy, right? This is only the most difficult when you stand rowing because many of you will worry about balance, easy fall. But when you fall, SUP does not have sides to keep you like a buoy.

But rest assured, that is only the initial feeling, just make sure the pump is hard and the surfboard surface will be very hard to sag when the waves are strong. There are many online tutorials on how to paddle SUP properly. But I believe that, as long as you can feel the water, you will quickly adjust the direction easily.

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