Reasons You Should Swim 3 Times A Week

Not only is swimming great for summer, swimming also has lots of health values. Maintain the swimming schedule 3 times for week and you will get unexpected results after only a short time.

Regular swimming is a method of improving lung health, which has been shown in many studies. As explained by scientists, swimming helps to enhance the elasticity and elasticity of the muscles in the chest and lungs. From there improve the function of your lungs.

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When swimming, the water will support nearly 90% of your body weight. Therefore, swimming can be considered a perfect physical exercise method for people suffering from arthritis. Experts said that maintaining swimming habits will help reduce the risk of swollen, inflamed joints. Because the swimmer does a swimmer muscle strength around the joints.

For those who need to lose weight, maintain a good shape, swimming is an option not to be missed. Especially when this activity is still a form of entertainment, relaxation in the hot summer.

With 30 minutes of swimming, we can burn up to 500 calories, meaning twice the calories consumed when walking at the same time. Maintain a swim schedule 3 times per week and you will get unexpected results after a short time.

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Physical activities that increase heart rate such as running, brisk walking, cycling and swimming are all shown to improve sleep and fight against sleep. In particular, swimming is ranked by experts at the top of the table for this ability. For best results, the recommended swimming time for each week should be 150 minutes or more.

According to a study, swimming 3000-4000 meters for time, repeated 3-5 times for week will help delay the aging process for many years. This special ability comes from strengthened muscles of the swimmer, while muscle loss is one of the main factors of aging and physical decline.