Practice proper swimming breathing for beginners

In swimming, it is very important to learn the technique of swimming well because it directly determines whether you can learn to swim or not. Swimming is completely a survival instinct of each person and of course we can breathe underwater, although it will be different from breathing on land many times.

Normal daily breathing is as simple as inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the nose and mouth. However, when practicing the technique of breathing in swimming, it is the opposite of normal breathing.

You will have to inhale through your mouth and out through your nose. You just need to open your mouth to take a breath then exhale through your nose and continue to open your mouth to take a breath. You stand on the bank to practice many times to get used to before entering the water.

After you become familiar with the breathing technique practiced on land, warm up and then go into the water to learn the technique of holding your breath underwater. You could say that holding your breath for as long as possible and you will swim further away.

But breathing must be even to endure and swim for a long time. Since there is always a pressure difference in the water, you don’t need to open your mouth very wide and pull in for breath. Simply after each breath, you open your mouth wide, the breath will be taken in.

After sinking in the water, you can breathe out through your nose, continue to rise to get breath in through your mouth. If you do this, and breathing is even, you will never be choked and swim further.

You should pay attention to inhale deeply from the first beat because swimming stride is very laborious. In backstroke swimming, your face is always above the water, normally you inhale once and exhale once every cycle. The inhalation and exhalation must be regular with hand and foot movements, so do not be in a hurry to breathe more smoothly, you will swim farther.