Pedal movement foot while swimming – Simple but extremely beneficial

I have observed many freestyle swimming pools and have found that very few people do well kicking the wall. And perhaps, also very few people consider kicking the wall.

The wall kick, the technical term is “push-off”. It is a seemingly simple movement and has little meaning but in fact is a “powerful weapon” of high-level swimmers. Here, we will talk about the rotation but only in particular about the wall kick.

Few people know that swimming speed cannot match the speed of kicking the wall! The wall kick is the 2nd highest speed in any part of the swimming competition. And few people noticed that a good kick on the wall can help you swim less hands and less time when swimming from one pool to the other.

A normal professional kicking the wall usually helps them to rise up to the 10m or even 15m line. So they only really swim 35m or 40m in a 50m distance. At longer distances, the benefit of kicking the wall increases with the increase in the number of turns of the distance.

Many athletes win at long distances by kicking the wall, even though their swim speed is comparable to that of the other! Breakout is the process of moving from beating your feet under water to swimming across the water. It is important to make sure the speed is transferred from kicking the wall to the first hand movement.

To perform this technique well, you need to take note. After entering the leg-beating movement, the swimmer pulled one hand from front to back while still submerged to rise up to the surface in the post-hand position. So, someone who can do well kick the wall and catch up with a good swimming speed has already reached an amazing level of water sensation.