Let’s go Flyboard – Thrilling underwater sport

FlyBoard allows users to fly up to nearly 10 meters high thanks to the push of underwater sport. It also allows users to mimic the way dolphins swim or soar into the air.

Flyboard is a personal flight device that uses water thrust, designed by Franky Zapata. Basically Flyboard uses a powerful jet engine that draws water through a long tube below and pushes out with a great pressure. This thrust can make it fly 9 m above the water.

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This engine draws water then compresses with high pressure and pushes out a pipe to the Flyboard. They create very strong repulsive force to help the driver fly into the air or perform acrobatics.

There are auxiliary pipes to help the operator balance, or adjust the flight direction. Flyboard also has equipment to adjust thrust, helping the driver easily control the flight. After tying the seat belts, the canoe will fly them up. From above, visitors can watch the whole sea.

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Around the water’s edge, runners, trainers train. These activities like to make the scene more vivid. The higher the sun, the more crowded the beach. Under the sparkling sunlight, the color of the undulating mountains blends with the color of the sea to enhance the charm of the golden sand.

You will have 1 more booster system and pressure device by throttle. It helps increase the power of this sport. FlyBoard will become popular and people can play it like other water sports, such as windsurfing or jet skiing.

If you like conquering speed, you can choose a water motor or challenge yourself with the flyboard game. Standing on high, you will have the feeling that the sea always looks youthful and energetic. Around the beaches, visitors and residents immerse themselves in the cool water. Some enlist playing sports or enjoying immense space.