Introduction to Outdoor Swimming – Attraction from people and events

In general terms, Open water swimming is meant to swim in an open water area. It is not limited, such as swimming in sea or rivers or large lakes. History records the originator of the open-air swimming, Lord Byron, as he swam across the Hellespont Strait in Turkey.

The information above would not have been very impressive if we did not know that Lord Byron was the second baron Byron. Anyone involved in the Open water swimming movement knows more or less about the famous Kate Rew book “Wild Swim”.

Open Water Swimming Workout Tips

In this stunning and inspirational guide, Kate Rew takes you on a wild journey across the UK with first-hand experiences of the most incredible landscapes. From natural waterfalls and hot tubs to sea caves and meandering rivers. All are adorably detailed.

Midmar Mile is a swimming competition held annually in February at Midmar Dam north of the city of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Each year, it attracts thousands of competitors, from serious international athletes, Olympic medalists to pure recreational swimmers.

The event is named after the venue and is about one mile away. A unique feature of the race is that the competition distance is always one mile. But depending on the rainfall and the water level in the dam, the actual length swimmers can swim will vary from year to year.

During years of low rainfall, thousands of people set out as athletes sprinting on the muddy lake bank. Then he waded quickly through the shallow water to plunge into the water deep enough to swim.

Open Water Swimming Marathon in Lithuania: great swim across the ...

Who would have thought that an outdoor swimming event could attract such a “huge” number of attendees? FINA’s standardization of rules for Open water swimming competitions.

Nowadays, outdoor swimming competitions have become extremely popular. Whether it’s a 1600-meter river or 25-kilometer ocean swim, the festive atmosphere often dominates at outdoor swimming events.