Introduction to Outdoor Swimming – Attraction from both people and events

Historically, the originator for outdoor swimming was Lord Byron as he swam across the Hellespont Strait in Turkey. He is considered one of the great poets of the 19th century world. Lord Byron has a disability in his legs since birth, but in return he possesses a beautiful face like the Greeks. She was the founder of the Outdoor Swimming Society in 2006 when she turned 36 years old to promote wild swimming.

This attraction comes from the people involved and from events held on a large and small scale around the world. Coming to open water swimming competitions is to come to color, to open spaces, to cultural exchanges, to discover places, to festivals.

The attraction also comes from the fact that this playground has content that is flexibly reduced depending on the subject. That’s making it a playground for all subjects to love.

Those who love open water swimming can watch the FINA Marathon World Cup Series going on. This tournament system for senior athletes is held annually in more than 9 locations and takes place in fresh water or the sea.

Since 2007, FINA decided to focus only on 10km distance for the FINA Marathon World Series because 10km swimming content was included in the Olympic program.

In this gorgeous and inspiring guidebook, Kate Rew takes you on a wild journey across England. She has firsthand experiences of the most incredible landscape angles.

With over 300 swimming spots, the book is suitable for everyone, from a five-year-old with a float to a seasoned outdoor swimmer. In years with low rainfall, thousands of people started sprinting on the shores of the lake.

In the early years, the majority of outdoor swimming competitions were reserved for a small number of professional long-distance swimmers. That want to overcome the particular challenges they would face.

However, over the last two decades, millions of swimmers of all levels have ventured into the world of outdoor swimming. With the growing popularity of triathlons and thousands of outdoor swimming races