How to you swim faster

If you want to swim as fast as you can, you need to put in effort in improving your technique and mental training. Practice and determination are two core elements that any swimmer should grasp.

Although accurate swimming technique is the most important thing, if you know how, you will save a lot of time for learning to swim and still achieve the desired effect. This article will show you some great tips for you to swim faster.

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When swimming, people often focus on swimming speed with little attention to reducing water resistance. Resistance is the friction force that the body must suffer underwater.

Remember to reduce the water resistance, not only the force but also the necessary skills. There are many ways to minimize drag, such as improving balance or buoyancy.

To keep your balance, maintain a horizontal position when swimming. Thereby limiting the cross-section of water penetrates the swimming track, slowing you down. This is especially important when swimming stride, and you should not raise your head too much because it will lose balance. Instead, you have to pedal harder to create balance.

The longer you stretch, the better and faster you swim. For example, to stretch your body longer than swimming, you first need to stretch your arms into the water.

When you flap your feet, do not splash or move your feet too low compared to your body line. The effect of the foot beat is mainly to maintain balance, so this action will affect the balance and create resistance to the body.

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Remember that about 10 percent of the speed comes from the feet, while the rest depends on the arms. So slam your feet and make sure your feet don’t slow you down but push your body forward faster.

You will take some time to practice. However, once you have mastered it, your strength and speed will be significantly increased.