How to practice to have a good swimming way

We need high Endurance to maintain swimming speed, especially long range swim.
Practicing the technique does not increase endurance in swimming. But it is extremely important to help us save more energy and swim faster.

As mentioned in The Only Secret to Fast Swim, techniques help us to reduce the resistance of the water, thereby swimming faster. However, technology is not the only thing we need to consider. And also in the article The Only Secret to swimming fast, in addition to reducing the resistance of water.

We also need to increase the thrust to swim faster. In other words, we need Strength. During a training session, drill drills into the warm-up to remind and hone the technique and correct mistakes. Drills help the brain and muscles remember and repeat correct movements.

The main lesson will work out in many energy zones but should keep 60 percent at the endurance threshold, 30 percent at the aerobic threshold at the swimming speed. This is the ratio I use for the general endurance building phase of the training cycle.

For the main exercise, it can be seen that this exercise is designed with 4 groups of 4 50m swims. Each nest will be heavier. In group 1, you swim 50m fast, then use a slow 50m to resuscitate. That’s not to mention the break time between each swim. But in group 4, you must swim fast 4 times in a row 50m. This step-by-step, or “ladder” exercise, helps you improve both endurance and speed.

In addition, as mentioned in the article Essential tools for swimming, you can use the following tools to practice more drills, techniques:

Using the propeller: the propeller helps the body achieve the necessary buoyancy to easily perform high-difficulty exercises, helps the ankle to naturally stretch, especially good for runners.

Swimming board: not for hugging legs but for assisting holding and fanning hands with head up, especially effective for correcting the way into the water and the feeling of water