How to be a good patner diver

A dive is a person who dives with you, with whom you share your diving experiences at the same time to prevent emergencies and to resolve problems when in trouble.

What does a good dive mean?

Whenever you go diving, it is important that you have a diving buddy whom you trust jail time on board when you dive and return to the ship or the coast at the end of the dive.

In the same way, you need to learn to be a good diving buddy. Because you want to be able to help others when you need to and make sure you can help him to enjoy their diving.

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A good dive needs to take safety seriously. He is knowledgeable about diving safety and knows how to use diving safety equipment. And he is ready to perform safety checks before each dive.

Another quality of a good dive buddy is good communication both onshore as well as underwater. He tried to give hand signals that the two could use before getting in the water.

For while diving, you will be able to understand each other’s actions more easily and not be confused by each other’s manual symbols. A good diver also knows how far or how far to set each diver. And this will also be an important thing to know while diving.

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Before diving, a good dive will plan what he likes better when diving. For example, a diver should make it clear whether he likes to dive along long distances or dive at a stop. A good dive will share the same feelings when going through a dive.

A good dive will also reach the same level of skill as the companion. Thus, no one will be left behind or forced to go faster. Having similar skills will help you both experience a dive experience with similar perspectives. And how it can reduce the excess contradictions of how fast or long distance swimming is during the dive.