Aqua yoga – the perfect combination for health

Aqua Yoga is a new way of practicing, helping the body stay strong and relaxed, a perfect combination for both physical and mental. Currently there are many yoga exercises in different ways.

Aqua yoga – underwater yoga is one of the great combinations. Especially this subject is suitable for training in hot summer days. Surely you will get a whole new experience with Aqua yoga.

Aqua Yoga – Underwater yoga differs from normal yoga classes in that the principles and movements are applied and practiced in the water environment. With the release of gravity, our bodies will ideally stretch. Using the buoyancy of water to restore physical and psychological functions.

Besides, when practicing a combination of breathing and the body relaxed in the water will bring great effect. But for beginners, the ideal water level will be about half as people need time to let their body get used to the water gradually.

Anyone can practice aqua yoga even for pregnant women. It is especially good for people with chronic joint pain, the elderly. The combination of yoga exercises and cool blue water will help you both release a good source of energy for the body. And you will have a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment with water.

Under water, the body will maintain a better balance when performing the movement because partly water will support the body. Once your body is accustomed to balancing underwater, balancing on land will no longer be a problem. The movements need a certain balance, you will perform easier.

Relaxing underwater rest is one of the most effective ways to relax. Aqua yoga has a combination of yoga breathing and water pressure to massage body parts. With the thrust of the water, the movements are made longer easily. The body is more active, but hardly feeling tired.